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“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.” -Abraham Lincoln


 Social Media is more than a “Time Consuming Enigma”!

Are you one of the many Product-based/ Retail Business Owners who doesn’t know that Social Media is actually a collection of tools that can bring the world to your door?  Not only does it help you connect with your current customers more effectively but it enables them to share your information with the people they know. Social Media Tools, when used effectively, will help you reach more people. Your current Customers will become your best allies.Why would you pass up an opportunity to learn how to use your Social media Tools more effectively?

If TIME is MONEY, why continue wasting both? If you’re ready to learn how to Master your Social Media Tools, let me do a free assessment of all the ways you are currently connecting with customers. I’ll create your customized “Blue Print for Success”. We will follow this blue print together and create a customized plan of action tailored specifically for your Vision/business.

Don’t waste your time or money…

~trying to find the best ways to engage your customers more effectively from your Website, Newsletter and Social Media Networks to benefit your business.

~ posting messages that misrepresent your business and get missed and/ or ignored.

~ incorrectly promoting special events. The hard work you put into creating the event could be wasted if it isn’t shared effectively.

Let’s Get Started by Polishing up the Old Tools!

I am not a Social Media Marketer but a Technician who can help you modernize your offline and Online information, modify all your current online presence by teaching you how to engage your customers more effectively , and teach you how to use and synchronize your Social Media connections.  This will enable you maximize your offline information, save time by connecting Social Media Networks, and help you get the biggest bang for your buck from the time you spend on-line.

My ultimate goal is to teach you how to use Social Media more effectively and efficiently. I want you to know, no matter who is posting your information, exactly how the posts will be perceived, how the method of posting will effect your business reputation and ensure that the information shared WILL achieve your desired effect.

The first step is to modernize all the Tools you’re currently using to engage your customers.  Where do we start, where you are today?  After doing an assessment of your current Tools, I’ll put together a “Blue Print for Success”. We’ll modernize your Offline and Online Tools, everything from Business cards and store displays to your website, newsletters and Social Media.

The Second Step is to “Modify” Your Tools. We do this by making sure that there is consistency with the way you use your current Tools. All your Offline Tools need to include your Online information and visa versa! It will be easier for people to find you once we “Modify” your Tools.

The Third Step is to synchronize your Offline and Online Tools. We will take ALL your current Tools and connect them! One of the best advantages of Social Media is the ability to connect accounts, BLOGS, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters, and Photography accounts, such as Flickr or Picasa can be connected. Your current Customers can share your information so much easier and to a much broader audience when you give them more options to be *Social*. This is what Social Media is designed to do. It can enable people to share information with the people THEY are connect to. They can’t share your information if it isn’t easily accessible. I will work with you to make sure it IS!

Do You need Updates or New Tools?

When you’re ready to update your Tool Box, or add new Tools, let me know. I will teach you how to leverage your new tools, get them connected to the old ones and find the most effective way to share your new Tools with your Customer.  

Yes, TIME is MONEY, now you can stop wasting both! 

Contact  Me- Dyane Bradley


Phone: 562-533-2881

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