If you don’t “Share” it, they won’t come.

Weekly Wrench Report Tip #2~

Using Facebook’s Event app to increase exposure and attendance.

If You don’t “Share” it they won’t come.

You say you’ver heard of this great option? One of the services I offer is helping Independent Retail and Small Business Owners learn how to reach more Customers/Clients on and off-line. Many people know how to use Facebook but not how Facebook works.

The focus of this post is to help you understand how to create and promote an event on Facebook in a more efficient and effective manner. If you’re hosting an event, you’ll want to invite your regular customers/clients AND have them either invite, bring or share your event with others.

The way you post is as important as what you post.

A friend and local wine store owner posted an event on Facebook. It was a fantastic idea and I was excited to see him posting it there. Then I felt disappointed because of the way it was posted. My friend posted the event as a status post instead of using Facebook’s Event App.  “What a waste”, I thought to myself.  He and I had discussed his challenges using Social Media effectively. I was painfully reminded of that conversation as I read the post about his event.

In the case of the wine store owner, his post was short lived, which meant that only the few people who were looking at their Newsfeed, when it was posted would see it. So, how do you get maximum exposure for your event?

It all starts with an image!

Don’t panic! Finding an image can be easy if you know where to look,  where  to use it and how to share your event using it. When images are posted on Facebook, people are allowed to share them and that’s where you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Where to look for an image?

The most important point to address here is that you use one of your images OR a “Copy-right free” image. That means you won’t get a letter or email asking to remove the image because you didn’t pay to use it. Google Images, PhotobucketiStock Photos and Flickr seems to be the favorites.

WARNING: If there are words written across the image, it means you are expected to pay for using it. Look for free images that convey the spirit of your event. Try to find an image that relates to the event but is pleasant, funny or will bring a smile to the viewers face.

Once you find the image, use it everywhere!

What promotional tools are you using to promote your event? Its better to  promote the event using the same image because it helps create consistency and helps your business look more professional. The image you chose can be used to  promote your event for emails, posters, flyers, postcards and Facebook.

Here are a few helpful reminders. By the way, click on the image to enlarge and/or if you want to print this image, please feel free. You can keep it handy as a reference.

 Maximizing exposure for your event using images

Even though you can only create your event using your private profile, you can still share it on your Business Timeline. Open the status box on your Business Timeline, add a post about your event, include any links that go with your event (i.e. a sign-up page on your site) and add the image you have stored on your computer. Once you add the image it will enable you and the people following your page to share the information. The image AND your post will show up in their Newsfeed. When they “join” your event, a notice will show up in the Newsfeed of the people they are connected to on Facebook. Even if they don’t “join” your event, they can still SHARE it with their friends.

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    Very helpful hint! 

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     Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting Suk. I’m glad you found the information helpful. Dyane

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