Is this Facebook symbol costing you $$$?~ Part #2

Part #2 of 2 ~Introducing the Facebook page you didn’t create, don’t control, yet could be representing your Business on Facebook.

  This symbol represents the Facebook  Community page. Here is an example.

Did you know that these pages are automatically generated by  Facebook?



Did you miss Part #1 of this post?

Here’s the abridged version or you can read Part #1 of this post.  When I add hobby or interest to my profile or “like” a business page, Facebook creates a Community Page. The subject of that page is based on that hobby, interest or business page I’m following.  As a Facebook User Community Pages are a wonderful vehicle for connecting with my friends on another level and keeping up with the businesses I follow. For example, I design and create Jewelry and there are many pages where my fellow jewelry designers and I can exchange information and tips. The businesses that sell jewelry making supplies post tips and tricks on that same page, thus we have a Jewelry Community Page.


Facebook Community Pages VS Facebook Groups

So, how does this affect You as a Business Owner? You don’t have any control what happens on a Community page even if it has your business name all over it!  THERE, SO TAKE A DEEP BREATH and let it go. 🙂  You don’t have control over what happens on the Community Pages but you still have some control.

Now, you can create a Community of Customers/ Clients, Followers, Students and Friends by creating a Facebook Group for your business. Facebook offers three types of groups Open, Closed and Private. I’ll use the example of being a Fitness Expert to show you how effective these groups can be.


A Open Group– is just that, you create a group and invite people to share conversation there with you and others. Anyone can join the group and/or your conversation. If you were a Fitness expert, you would have the opportunity to converse about your area of expertise. The other side of the coin is that you’ll be able to answer questions about Fitness to anyone who needs your help.


A Closed Group– This is a group you would create if you want to control who belongs and what is shared. People will have to be invited by you or other members in order to join. The only people who can comment are the people who are members. Obviously, you will be able to control who is a member and what is posted and by whom. If you are a Fitness expert , you can use this opportunity to address specific issues or set goals for the members. You can all support each other by being able to share freely without any outside interference.


A Secret Group– This is a group you can create if you have Private Customers, Clients or  Training groups. You and the other members of the groups can support each other on Facebook.  No one will see what is posted unless they are invited and accepted as members. You can create a Community where you can guide and support them through your training process. It will give you the opportunity to track their results and they can address the challenges privately.


Facebook groups can be versatile and useful in assisting your customers, clients or students. Notice, I said assisting! I didn’t say “round them all up, promote the heck out of your business and keep shoving it in their faces until they buy!”  People can actually see through that tactic and you could lose potential customer/ clients if they’re made to feel like herded cattle waiting to be branded. You decide how or which one will serve your business in the most effective manner. There now, don’t you feel better knowing that you have options/choices? LOL

Would you like some very good suggestions about a variety of ways that you can use these groups?  While you’re waiting for inspiration to strike, check out this article written by my friend Donna Moritz. She shares 7 ways to Benefit From Facebook Groups. 


Finally, I have to share the main reason why I thought about sharing this information in the first place. The question I ask in the title of this post “Is this Facebook symbol costing you $$$?”


Business Owners are sending their potential Customers/ Clients to Community Pages instead of their actual Business pages! 

When I look at your business page do I see the symbol shown above or the profile photo from your actual page? This is a question that needs to be addressed. If I see this symbol next to your business name and click on the link it will take me to the wrong page. Many business owners have chosen this option because they were unaware there was an option. There have been so many glitches with Facebook, they tell themselves when they see this symbol that FACEBOOK is making the mistake! You work very hard to build your business; don’t shoot yourself in the foot.


Here’s the quick and easy fix for this:

1. Log in to your Facebook “Private Profile“.

2. Go to your “Profile Page”, not your “Home” page.

3. Locate and press the “Edit Page” button.

4. Press the “Education and Work Tab“. When the choices open up this is your chance to delete the Community Page and replace it with the page you want users to see.

This takes less time to do than it took to explain.

You’ve worked very hard, or even paid money, to create your Business Brand missing this step could be damaging.When sharing your knowledge and expertise in a comment, people may want to learn more about you.  Don’t make the mistake of losing potential business by having them go to a Community Page instead of your Business Page. If you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert this can damage the trust you are trying to create.


The last issue I want to address is the fact that so many business owners try so hard to keep their information so private they don’t share their business information, REALLY? I can see keeping your private life, well, private. BUT, do you need to keep your business information private as well? What is the point of sharing your expertise in a comment on Facebook if I can’t learn more about you from your private profile? Let me guess, maybe you don’t want me to become your next Customer/Client? 😉 No, you don’t that’s why you don’t share your business information for all to see. LOL I’m kidding of course but if you want to promote your business on your page but need help doing it without sharing your private information, I can help.  Dyane





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    This is a most informative explanation defining how to effectively create and use community pages and groups on Facebook.

    Thanks for your assistance, Dyane.

  2. Dyane Bradley
    Posted January 5, 2012 at 10:37 AM | Permalink

    Thank you Andrew, for taking the time to comment. I’m very grateful for all your support. I hope others will find the information useful and hope this piece will enable them to help others who may be making this potentially costly mistake. Dyane

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