Using a Cell phone to “Like” a Facebook Business Page

Weekly Wrench Report Tip #1~

Using a Cell Phone to “Like” a Facebook Business Page

Seize the Moment! Capture Facebook Followers via Their Cell phone!

Here is the first installment in my weekly series, called the “Weekly Wrench Report“. These posts are offered in an effort to help you sharpen business tools by providing information you would find if you had time and knew where to look. 🙂

Recently, I walked into a local business. Its one I frequent and they know I’m a Small Business and Social Network Consultant. When I suggested we sit down for a free assessment, I was told “Its OK, we have it covered”, so, I let it go. I walked through the door and was greeted by the manager. As soon as she saw me, she mentioned to a customer walking away from the register, ” Oh by the way, we’re on Facebook”! Then, she looked at me and smiled. I thought to myself, “Does that customer have nothing more important to remember?  It’s an interesting question to consider. I won’t go into all the ways this business is missing opportunities to connect more effectively with customers and possibly make more money. I can, however, share weekly tips and tricks for helping other Business Owners. If you follow the steps in the post below, you will enable customers/clients to like your Facebook page immediately and not lose the opportunity to connect with them AND the people they are connected too.

This action step requires that you have an “Official” Facebook business page. If the URL for your page looks like this:

It isn’t an official page and this won’t work for you. You will need to create  a “Vanity URL”. If you need a “Vanity URL”, here is your first step click here.

Here is mine: .

Once you have your “Vanity URL”, you’ll need to ask if the person uses Facebook on their phone. If  they do, then it’s registered on Facebook, if not then it isn’t and they can’t “Like” a page with it.

Here are a few other great advantages to claiming your URL:

  • It shows up in the Facebook and search engine searches with a link to your page.
  • You can direct traffic directly to your page by adding the URL to your business cards. post cards and flyers.
  • You can display signage in your store with your URL for others to follow your page.

If you need help with this process, have questions and/or want to receive these weekly posts via email please fill out the form below. Dyane

By the way, click on the image to enlarge and/or if you want to print this image, please feel free. You can keep it handy as a reference.

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