About~ Dyane Bradley


 Don’t wait. The time will never be just right~ 

Napoleon Hill 

I love supporting Independent Retailers!  I enjoy patronizing and visiting businesses that reflect their vision.  I have the pleasure of calling many of these Business Owners my friends and do what I can to advise them when it’s appropriate or they ask for help.  The response is always the same, they say, “You should be a Business Consultant”. For the past 20+ years, I’ve merely smiled and replied, “I’m glad I could help” but  creating a business helping people that way didn’t occur to me until now.

Hello, my name is Dyane Bradley. I am an Entrepreneur, Inventor and Artrepreneur with 20+ years of Retail Education, knowledge and experience. This started with attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a Fashion Merchandising, Sales and Visual Merchandising major. I’m a Life-long Crafter and largely Self-taught Jewelry Artist who designs and creates both Art and Bridal Jewelry. In an effort to sell my Jewelry online, I created my website and got involved in Social Media. I love it! It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with my friends/customers and connect new ones. My J.O.B. (Journey of Bliss) started like many others, with the loss of my current J.O.B. (Journey of Boredom).

When I started my Jewelry Design business, 15 years ago, I had a Business Consultant who helped me.  Each time we met, I’d hear my friends saying “You should be a Business Consultant” in my head. Three years ago, I became Social Media obsessed! I watch lots of Webinars, and Seminars. I listen to many Teleclasses, Teleseminars  and read countless articles by many top Business Coaches and Social Media Gurus. I knew I really had a handle on my Social Media “chops”, after sitting through a Webinar lead by a Social Media Teacher, didn’t learn a thing and knew the answers to 3 questions she didn’t know.

I’ve discussed Social Media with several Store Owners/friends and realized that many are not aware of the basic benefits of using Social Media. Even though Social Networking is the way people recommend businesses to people they know. Most Store Owners, simply don’t have the time to watch, listen and read most of what’s out there about Social Media. They’re busy keeping their vision alive! My decision to help them understand the basics of Social Media and show them how to implement strategies for engaging their current customers more effectively, while reaching out to new ones came in a FLASH.

 An event posted by a Store Owner/friend for an event his business was hosting helped me realized how much I was needed. The way the event was posted was, literally, a waste of his time. I knew there were  more effective ways to spread the word about his event and decided that I would create a Consulting Business focused on helping people like Him. I was heartbroken to hear that the event was a  disappointment. If he knew more about Social Media his event could have been more successful but how can you put your best foot forward without knowing the proper path?

I started the Social Media Depot™ to help Independent Retailers and other “Product-based” Business Owners sharpen their Social Media Tools and feel empowered.  I teach the basics of using Social Media, the differences between the Networks, and create  “Blue Print for Success”  focusing on the Networks most effective for their business. It’s important to know how using each one can impact their business and I can help them maximize the time they spend using each.

 My clients and I work together following  a customized “Blueprint for Success”  created for each business. This plan will help them stay on track with their current vision and help to stay on a path that will take their vision to the next level. Learning about Social Media is just the beginning. I will teach you how to use it in such a way that you will know each time you post a message who is going to see it and how it will impact your business.

Each Job I’ve had has given me the opportunity to interact with and /or service customers, use my creativity and work independently.  My last position was working as a Human Resources Manager for an In-home Healthcare Agency. It was my first time working for a Small Business. I grew to love the idea of having my own business and started taking a class entitled Entrepreneurial Management at city collage. The plan was to start something part-time, test the waters and then decide. When the business changed hands and I was let go, I stayed in the class, while looking for another Job. I started making Jewelry as a hobby and realized when Women started buying it off me that I could make a business out of it. It’s been 15 years now and I’m , more passionate about Designing, Creating and Selling Jewelry more than ever . Prior to being an H.R. Manager, I fixed Computers for HP! I’ve always enjoyed fixing things. I thought getting a degree from DeVry and working for HP would be the answer to my prayers, it wasn’t!

My favorite Job was working as the Assistant Head of the Merchandising Dept. at the Queen Mary. I had a chance to use everything I learned at FIDM when we were given the gargantuan task of creating 14 stores on the property because the Spruce Goose exhibit was going to open.  It was shear chaos creating everything from concept to conception. Buying products, fixtures, deciding on paint,  and flooring. I loved every minute of it. I worked for the Broadway Dept. Store as a Sales Associate and Display person. I was bitten very hard by the display bug as Child. I was fascinated by the all the beautifully arranged displays I’d see in stores. So, imgine my delight in being paid while working  in my “Creative Zone”! I did that for 6yrs.

 “Laughter is an instant vacation.” — Milton Berle